Whatsapp Tricks 2017 (32 Latest Whatsapp Tips and Tricks)

Whatsapp Tricks 2017 – Here are Latest and Best Whatsapp Tricks. Dual whatsapp , Fake whatsapp account , Hack Whatsapp , Multiple Whatsapp 2017 edition guide . Whatsapp is the most famous mobile messenger till date . It has around 600 billion users . But do you know the secret tricks of whatsapp . These Whatsapp Tricks 2017 can take you to the next level among your friends . In this article i will present you with most famous whatsapp tricks .

Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp is definetely the best chatting app ever made for android , iPhone , Windows or any other platform . Though there are several other apps trying to compete with whatsapp but they are failing miserably . I don’t see WhatsApp losing its market anytime soon. Further after Facebook bought Whatsapp, the future of Whatsapp is even more secure.

Note : We are not forcing you or asking you to hack your friends whatsapp without his consent . We are making this guide just for teaching purpose .

Best Whatsapp Tricks 2017

1. Completely Recover Deleted Messages

Recover deleted whatsapp messagesSometimes you accidently delete message on Whatsapp . Most of the time you regret it . We have a way of recovering the all the messages without any possible data loss . Click On the title to Read More !!

2. Extend Whatsapp Validity to unlimited

Whatsapp has stopped charging money for the app now . However some of the users are still facing paid account problem . If you are one of them kindly follow this top whatsapp tricks 2017 instructions to unlock your account . Hit headline now !!

3. Create a Fake Whatsapp Conversation


Fake Whatsapp ConversationEver Noticed a Fake Conversation between between MS Dhoni and R. Ashwin trolling a cricketer . Ever wanted to do that yourself ? Get a gang of your friends and make trolls among yourselves . You can easily do that with the help of an app called WhatSaid. You can easily create fake conversation and play pranks among your friends . But don’t use this app to harm someone by creating fake conversations . This app is not available for iPhone users though .

4. Whatsapp Tricks to Hide Last Seen On Whatsapp

Hide last seenIf you are tired up giving excuse to your boyfriend / girlfriend , why you were active over whatsapp , then this is the solution . With this trick you can easily hide your last seen or timestamp for last activity on whatapp . This whatsapp trick comes too handy if you want to remain anonymous about your whatsapp behaviour .

Click on 3 dots in right side , then click on Settings –> Profile –> Privacy —> Last Seen –> Change from Everyone to Nobody .

For more detailed steps see the screenshot .

3. Spy On Someone Else’s Whatsapp Activity

This trick uses MAC address spoofing which is illegal until used for ethical purpose . Now moving to this whatsapp trick. Click On the title to Read More !!

4. Lock Your Whatsapp With A PIN

Whatsapp lockThis Whatsapp tricks 2017 is for those who want to add privacy lock to their whatsapp only without using any heavy app locker app . Maybe some of your message may be vulgar or not suitable for everyone else like family ,children , parents etc . If you have a privacy concern , use this whatsapp tricks . In this case download Lock for Whatsapp app .

5. Schedule a WhatsApp Message

Schedule Whatsapp MessageIf you have a bad memory . You forget parent’s anniversary or best friends birthday . Do you face same problems in day to day life ? If yes , then this trick is for you . Maybe you should try scheduling whatsapp messages and never again forget a birthday , anniversary or any important timed message . Obviously U can’t simply afford to miss them . Also if you are among those wishing people good morning and night everyday, you should use probably use an app which automates that for you!

Use this app for scheduling Whatsapp message : Whatsapp Message Scheduler App

6. Fake Whatsapp Profile Picture

Fake whatsapp profile pictureYes , you can change your friends profile picture . Read More about this Whatsapp Tricks 2017 by Clicking headline !!

7. Change Background Wallpaper of Chats

Change Whatsapp Wallpaper

  1. Open a chat to change a wallpaper .
  2. Hit menu button from top .
  3. Click on change wallpaper button .
  4. A pop up menu will appear.
  5. In it hit on wallpaper and change wallpaper.
  6. Remember , changed wallpaper will not be reflected on both sides . U will only be able to see changed wallpaper .

8. Use Whatsapp without Number

Whatsapp without numberYes , you heard it right . U can now use whatsapp without any number . U can use This whatsapp tricks to create virtual numbers to make a fake account on whatsapp .

9. Find Out Your WhatsApp Conversation Statistics

Ever encountered a question about who messages you the most ? or whom you text most ? Hit the headline !!

10. Hide Your Profile Pic From Others

Most of the people are still unknown of this setting .or you can say most of them dont care just because everyone likes to display his profile pic to others .

11. Red Heart Emoji TrickRed heart emoji whatsapp

The red heart emoji on whatsapp expands and animate like a beating one. Search for the heart in the emoji . Select and keep pressing until the heart enlarges to maximum .Try it.

12. Read Whatsapp Data on Computer

As you know you cannot directly open a database file with any text editor , you can anyway Download install Whatsapp Xtract App anytime to read your whatsapp database on your computer in the form of text .

13. Change Phone Number Linked With WhatsApp

Have you just changed your Telecom Sim ? No need to worry , nothing will happen to your whatsapp account . This is not among Whatsapp Tricks , this is just a whatsapp feature .

14. Email all Conversation data

Most People ask me how to view media and chats on their computer . Read More by hitting headline !!

15. Hack Your Friend’s Whatsapp

Hack Whatsapp 2017 – We are going to discuss about How to Hack your Friends Whatsapp .

16. Send Same Message To All Your Friends

I guess most of you must be already knowing this Whatsapp tricks . Hit headline now !!

17. Use Multiple Whatsapp Account On Same Phone

It may be that you have various mobiles with you and in that case a person tends to have more than one whatsapp account. But once you lose or break the old phone, you always wish to use it in your favorite phone. But is it possible. Yes its possible with help of an app.

  1. Download and install switchme app from google play on your phone
  2. Add accounts over it and run more than one Whatsapp account via it.

If you have any problem see detailed information on How to Use Multiple Whatsapp Account On Same Phone

18. How To Know When Your Message was Read

Just go to the Victim’s conversation chat window of whatsapp and Read more by clicking above link !!

19. Share Your Location on Whatsapp

Whatsapp has introduced a Share your location feature too . Hit headline now !!

20. Use Whatsapp Quote Feature

For this you need to long press on the selected message. Read More at Specialised Post !!

21. Create Shortcuts For Close Friends

If you are addicted to talking to a person , Simply create a shortcut to person’s chat on homescreen . Hit headline now !!

22. Select A Custom Notification For A Particular Group

Custom Notification lets you assign a custom notification ringtone , vibrate setting for a group or chat  .

23. Stop Double Blue Tick Notification

You can also stop Recipient on whatsapp from getting a read message delivery from your side .Read More by hitting headline !!

24. Send File From PC To Phone And Vice Versa Via Whatsapp

Use WhatsApp to transfer file from pc to phone or phone to pc
or to Compress pics without any software

  1. First of save your own number ( From which you are using whatsapp ) on your phone with any name .
  2. After saving you will see an option Message +91 *********** with whatsapp icon.
  3. Tap on Your name from contacts menu and now you can chat with yourself just like you were having with your friends
    you can also save notes to yourself just by messaging yourself
  4. Now how to transfer images from pc to mobile / mobile to pc
  5. – open http://web.whatsapp.com on your pc and scan the code.
  6. Select attach files, upload and send any image to yourself .
    Now as you can see I uploaded a 5 MB image and it got compressed to 593KB.

Same can be done to transfer mobile media to pc . Select and upload any file from your mobile and send it to yourself

25. Send Bold, Italics Or Strikethrough Text In Whatsapp

Here are some Whatsapp Tricks to send stylish text in messages . Hit headline now !!

26. Mark Any Message On Whatsapp As Starred And Find It Later

Mark Whatsapp Message Starred

  1. Just Long press any message and mark it as starred.
  2. Now, you can find it anytime easily from main whatsapp windows.
  3. Just Click on Three vertical dots on main window, and click on starred messages.

27. Stop Media Auto Download

Fed up of too much mobile data bills ? Well this is the time to minimise the loss . Daily 100s MB of data gets used in downloading of images and videos sent by freinds in groups and directly . Minimise this by going to your settings and turning of media autodownload .

28. Backup Whatsapp Chats, Images And Videos On Your Google Drive Account

Backup Whatsapp Chats

Now whatsapp ask you more frequently about data backup over cloud . Just give it permission to do so . It will do the rest .

29. Send Large Files Of Formats Like ZIP, RAR, APK , EXE , PDF, DOC , PPT , XLS

Everyone knows that we can send images , videos ,and audio via whatsapp now . But What if we want to share other file formats over whatsapp . yes , this is now possible . This is one of the best whatsapp tricks ever made . You can even send large files of different file formats via whatsapp. Follow these simple steps provided below.

  1. Download and Install Dropbox app and CloudSend App from Google play store on your phone.
  2. Open CloudSend . You will be asked to link CloudSend with Dropbox , allow it .
  3. Share the file on Cloudsend . The file will get automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account and you will get a link to that file.
  4. You can Share this ” link ” to his friends on WhatsApp . On clicking of the link your friend will be able to download the file.

30. Copy Someone Else Whatsapp Status Easily On Whatsapp Web And Edit Your Status There Itself

Copy Whatsapp Status

If you like someone status on whatsapp and do not want to hurt your fingers while writing it in your edit status field on your phone, Just log in to https://web.whatsapp.com and then just copy the status.

Now click on your profile pic. Your profile and status will open. Just click the edit icon and paste the status then and there.

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These were all the Latest and Best Whatsapp Tricks 2017 guide . It features all the funny whatsapp tricks 2017 , cool whatsapp tricks 2017 etc . Hope you like the above article . Keep supporting . Feel free to express your views and if any query , mention them in comments below !!

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