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VLC Player Could Do This also | 5 Amazing VLC Player Tricks 2017

Here are some VLC player tricks, tips and hacks 2017 , U might not be knowing till date. VLC is used by many user because this software can carry-out VLC Player Tricks like recording desktop, internet radio station, padcast, Play and download youtube videos and convert videos

VLC Player Tricks 2017

VLC player tricks , tips and hacks 2017

Record Your Desktop

There are endless reasons you may use record your screen type feature. Some of the main common feature that includes creating a screencast for a presentation and live-streaming your desktop across your network.

To enable desktop recording, Goto Media > Open Capture Device and select Desktop from the drop-down menu.

Now You can select your preferred frame rate. You can select 15 fps for recording your desktop. 30 fps is used for fast-paced movement.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Play and select Convert.

Now choose the file format you need (for multipurpose uses, Go for default Video — H.264 + MP3 (MP4) is fine) and where you want to save your output. When you’re ready, press Start.

VLC will start make the recording in the background. When you have to finish, return to the VLC and click Stop.

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Play and (Safely) Download YouTube Videos

To watch a YouTube video outside of your browser, open VLC and Goto File > Open Network Stream and paste the YouTube URL of the video. After few seconds of loading, it will start playing.

If you are planning to download a particular video to your local drive, you have to take Some extra steps. That are Goto Tools > Codec Information and copy the text from the Location box at the bottom of the screen.

Now you have to Paste the text into your browser and the video will start playing. Right-click and select Save Video As to save it local drive.

Convert Video Files

VLC is also capable of convert video into different format. So you don’t need any other additional software to convert a video into a different format. VLC can be used for multi-purpose.

Navigate to Media > Convert/Save. Now Click the Add button for selection of your file, then choose Convert from the drop-down box in the bottom right-hand corner.

After this all is done choose the type of file you want to convert and give the file a name and location. Navigate to click Start.

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Listen to Internet Radio Stations

VLC most loving VLC Player Tricks let’s you to listen internet radio stations. like you were listing on old boxed radio.

To access the internet radio stations Goto View > Playlist and scroll down until you find the entry called Icecast Radio Directory. In addition of adding manual feeds if you know the URL, you can search for the stations within the VLC. Here You have to Just enter your query in the search box placed in the top right-hand corner.

Example above, you can see that I searched BBC Radio. Now Double-click on a result to start listening to the radio station of your choice.

Subscribe to Podcasts

VLC is a highly-powerful and fully-featured podcast manager.

You can access this feature in the same manner as Internet Radio Stations. navigate to View > Playlist and scroll down until you come to Podcasts (it’s listed under the Internet subsection).

To add a podcast, Click on the “+” icon to add the podcast to your list of subscriptions. It compulsory that you will need to know its RSS feed. otherwise If you’re not sure of the podcast’s URL, there are lots of websites that will extract it neatfully for you guys.

The app will also find all the previous episodes which you may have missed it out, along with any relevant artwork. Double-click on one of them to start listening.

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These were some of the VLC player tricks , tips and hacks , u might not be knowing till date. Hope you may have liked them. Many more are in the queue . Keep following techlads .

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