Kshitij Singh – An Engineer & A Passionate Blogger

Hi I’m Kshitij Singh, A Computer Science Engineer, Proficient Website Designer, A Passionate Blogger, and An Android Developer. He manages several sites including TechLad.org to help newbies understanding the latest technology tricks and being an expert in the industry. Started with a motive for dominance in Google search, and to help marketers gaining their online success and gain online exposure. He also shares some Telecom tips on Crackout.in . Brought up in the City of Raebareli, India, he started his journey in 2014 as a blogger but his passion led him in helping some well-known bloggers and brand to help them getting a top-notch ready to improve sales design and help them standing apart from others in its industry.

Kshitij Singh

A part-time blogger, to turn into full-time profession, Kshitij is determined making a change with his Skills based on WordPress and Android coding to help you turn into a profitable business.

 “I try to lay an impact, I do see, did I”, tell me. To myself. I help others figuring out what works the best, and what don’t. What be the best, what doesn’t. What makes them standing apart, what don’t. With motive of being one of its kind, I try to devote my best in it. To be the best. To be someone who stands apart. To be some who inspires. To be some, who lays an “impact”.