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Top 10 Best IDM Alternatives 2017 (Internet Download Manager)

Top 10 Best IDM Alternatives 2017 (Internet Download Manager) is one of the best resources to download things from the internet, faster and safer. That boosts your downloading speed by up to 6 times. If in case your computer has accidentally shutdown. If you try any one of the Best IDM Alternatives we are sure you will love them and there maximum downloading speed. Below are the Best IDM Alternatives 2017 (Internet download manager).

Best IDM Alternatives

Top 10 Best IDM Alternatives 2017

1. JDownloader

First of all hats off to JDownloader because this software is best among all best alternatives to IDM . It’s an open-source free software available for downloading things direct from the internet to your personal computer, There is a huge list of developers who are working hard on JDownloader to make it best day-by-day and make the downloads as faster as they should be. Similar to Internet Download Manager you can stop, resume, pause, and start downloads whenever you want. You also get an advantage to schedule your downloads and can save bandwidth if you uses a limited internet device.

Download and Get JDownloader

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2. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

This software ranks 2nd on our Best IDM Alternatives list. Download Accelerator Plus also gives you the fast acceleration on each download with a set of download tools. Download Accelerator Plus have made it even easier to download things in the much faster way, safer and smoother. You must Download the latest version of Download Accelerator Plus by clicking the button below and see why over 300 million users are already using Download Accelerator Plus as there internet downloads management.

Download and Get Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

3. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator

Another Download management and acceleration software for your PC to enhance the download speed on each download. The acceleration is seen by splitting the file into more parts and download them at the same time in a few minutes. Here You get an advantage of resuming your broken downloads, stop, pause and start the downloads on one click action.

Download and Get Internet Download Accelerator

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4. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader

This software ranks 4th on our Best IDM Alternatives list. Orbit Downloader is a great download manager and accelerator software, it gives download files/music/video from the popular social media sites like Rapidshare, Pandora, Imeem, YouTube, Myspace, etc. It makes the general downloading even safer, easier and faster to all. Some of the key features by Orbit Downloader are listed below:

Key Features

  • General download management.
  • Support download pause and resume.
  • Fast acceleration to download.
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, FTP, RTSP and RTMP protocols.
  • Proxy server configuration is available.
  • Download files easily from a webpage.
  • Supports Metalink to target a download.
  • Supports RapidShare download.
  • Download music, video and streaming media from social media sites.
  • Supports all major browsers.

Download and Get Orbit Downloader

5. Go!Zilla Downloader
Go!Zilla Downloader

This software ranks 5th on our Best IDM Alternatives list. Go!Zilla always improves your internet downloading speed on full download tilt files. Go!Zilla download manager and download accelerator software are for Windows that is easier and faster.Below are some great key features by Go!Zilla Software:

Key Features

  • Supports HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, HTTPS, FTPS protocols; and all major web browsers
  • Includes download technology used by millions of people all over the world to download Billions of files
  • Quickly grab batches of files from a website, FTP server, or even a podcast
  • Works within your web browser to make downloading simple
  • Resume previous downloads file if your internet had lost connections, crashes, reboots, last time
  • Get a file from several servers at once for faster download speeds
  • You can see what files are in progress and what files have finished

Download and Get Go!Zilla Downloader

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Summing up::

These were Top 5 Best IDM Alternatives which will really increase downloading speed by 6X times. You can also Resume your broken downloads too. Download and use any of the software mentioned above do comment below which alternative do you like.

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