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Best food ordering apps in India 2017

Best food ordering apps and sites in India 2017 -In cities like Bangalore, Delhi , Chennai etc ,  Life is fast and food is needed, but in the age of cyber communications and super fast lifestyle, we don’t have much time to go out, search for food and buy it. Or we are just blankly too lazy to do the hardwork. Food ordering online and delivered at your doorsteps within minutes.  There are handpicked some of the most famous, reliable and most used best food ordering apps that you can use to order your favorite cuisines from home.

Best food ordering apps in India 2017We already know that the leading food chains, especially pizza ones, have their apps to order the dishes from their specific set of products. We are avoiding them, as it only is applicable for some sets of dishes. The best food ordering apps that we are putting forth will provide you with a variety of cuisines and tickle your taste buds with an arsenal of tastes and combinations.

Best food ordering apps in India 2017


This is a global mobile food delivery service working in more than 24 countries and territories including India, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, China, Singapore, etc. By this, you can select from all the available local restaurants to place your orders from both their website and the mobile app. Foodpanda has a partnership with more than 45,000 restaurants. What’s more? You get an assured discount on every order!



Zomato was grown in the Indian soil and works in 23 countries, including India, Australia and the
informationsUS. Zomato will Prov information of the restaurants such as scanned menus, reviews and pictures, uploaded by their teams or by the users. They also provide you with cashless payment, food order and even table reservations.



Based out of Bengaluru, Swiggy offers a complete food ordering system to bring the best of
all the dishes from the neighboring restaurants to your footsteps. A single page to order food from a variety of restaurants is what makes this unique. What else is unique? They have their own team to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to your place. They offer online payment for all of their partnered restaurants.



This is another service to browse nearby restaurants and food ordering. You get assured
discounts on your orders for online payment or using coupon codes. It operated in most of the big cities in India.



Ever wanted to eat a premium dish created by the masters? At the comfort of your home? Well now you can. Holachef provides you food ordering service from the most renowned chefs at your door. The menu changes every day with the delicious hand pick cuisines made by the chefs working in this industry for years.



No, this is not a joke. No, this is not a false statement too. The online shopping giant has
recently released a services section in their app and site that you can use to book tables, buy tickets and yes, order delicious food, with the ease and assurance of Snapdeal fulfilled service.


These were some of the best food ordering apps 2017 in India . Hope they may have helped you kill your hunger indeeed. More apps on their way to come soon.

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