Best Cydia Tweaks 2017 [ Best Jaibreak Apps 2017 ]

Best Cydia Tweaks 2017 – Here are some free cydia tweaks 2017 Ios 9.3.3 for both jailbreak and no jailbreak iOS 10,9,8,7 devices. Jailbreak is one the term that may sound quite wierd and unaware for general iPhone users , but it is very simple and easy. Now is the best time too explore best Cydia tweaks 2017 right after you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

If you dont know how to jailbreak your device , you can get a guide over how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 using various methods. Trust me it is quite simple. But beware we do not take any reponsibility of the jailbreaking conclusions. We are not forcing you to do so in any way. We are just want you to enjoy these best Cydia tweaks 2017. Meanwhile you can follow this 5 iPhone Security Tips to Prevent Security Issues. If you already have a jailbreak device , you are ready to explore this list of best Cydia tweaks 2017 . They are gonna work like charm on your device.

best Cydia tweaks 2017

100+ cydia tweaks are released every month over the internet. We have tried to pick up the best cydia tweaks from various sources. It may confuse yoou if you hover round the internet searching for best Cydia tweaks 2017 . So, here are some handpicked Cydia tweaks 2017 collection for all iOS versions.

Best Cydia Tweaks 2017


This is best cydia tweak so i have kept it on the top.If you don’t like notification message floating over your locscreen, this cydia tweak 2017 is gonna help you out. Just install this app and make your lockscreen clean and tidy . This is paid tweak ( Price 0.99 ).

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Anydrop is quite similar to Airdrop . I guess most of you must be knowing about Airdrop . It allows users to upload files on server and explore them from anywhere else. But it allows, only certain types of files to be uploaded . Anydrop allows you to upload any type of file and access it from anywhere.

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There is no need to introduce anyone with adblocker . But for my purpose , let me tell you adblocker blocks annoying ads on browsers and other apps . It is best cydia tweaks of 2017 which blocks ads on safari browser and all other browsers . It has been priced for 2.19 .

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AirBlue Sharing

Want to share your files , photos and music the same way as android phones do ? Now here is the solution. You can now share your files to android and windows devices. AriBlue sharing 7 helps you find and send files using Bluetooth. Airblue is available for 4.99.

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It is the best file manager for iOS devices. It has recently launched its newer version that has come up with lots of advanced features. If you are using a jailbreak iOS device , dont forget to intall this tweak.

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It allows you to configure the taps , same way as gestures are monitored on android devices. You can set actions for circle size , color etc. You can use your own image also.

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Now you can bypass the default passcode protection. Add your own lock protection on iOS device. This tweak allows user to set a secret gesture lock .This lock has ability to bypass the passcode protection. This tweak stands one of the best Cydia tweaks 2017.

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This app removes all the unnecessary files from the iPhone , iPad or iPod touch. It frees up the device , creating more storage space to save more data on yur phone. It also cleans up the cache and thereby speeding up the phone.

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Bioprotect allows you to protect your app though your fingerprints. This app has drawback that you can use it over fingerprint enabled devices only. One of its alternative is Appscan . Bioprootect is paid wheras Appscan is free.

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BytaFont 2

Yes , now you can change your phones’s font to custom fonts. Now download your desired fonts from cydia and apply them as your iPhone default font. This helps in lot customization.

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These were some of the best Cydia tweaks 2017. Which One was your favorite ? Want to add som other tweak to the list , feel free to suggest us via contact us page from the menu below . These were just some of the handpicked Cydia tweaks . Dont forget to share this post. Sharing motivates us.

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