Top 5 Common Android Problems and Their solutions

Top 5 Common Android Problems and Their solutions- Hey Guys if you are android user then this post is for you all because here, you all will learn how to solve some common android problems that can usually occur at any point of time.

1. WiFi Keep Disconnecting

It may be possible your Android phone may start disconnecting from WiFi. This usually happens while using the smartphone or when it goes to sleep. This leads to, there will be a delay in messages and notifications. Why this happens? Android do this to just save battery life. How to solve this problem.

  • Firstly Go to “Settings” and then tap on “WiFi”.
  • Now select the main menu button placed at the top-right corner and tap “Advanced”.
  • Now you must see the option of “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”, make sure it is set to “Always”.

But, If you are still getting the same problem again and again, make sure that you have turned OFF Scanning always available option in the Advanced Wi-Fi setting. Why we do this? when this option is turned ON, your phone’s Wi-Fi keeps looking for better connection and try to connect to that.

2. WiFi Showing but not Connecting

There may be chance your network may show in the list of near WiFi networks, but ooopps nothing happens when you tap it. This can be easily solved by simply forgetting the network and reconnecting the same network using the WiFi password.

  • Firstly Go to “Settings” and select on “WiFi”.
  • Here select and then hold on your network from the list and select “Forget network”.
  • Now select on your network again to connect to it like earlier.

3. Insufficient Storage Available

Early days or later days you are going to run out of space(memory) on your Android smartphone phone. And this is most irritating when you are installing an new Android app to device. Luckly you can quickly gain back some of the storage around (300-500 MB) by clearing the device’s cache. To start off, open the “Settings” and navigate to the “Storage and USB >> Internal Storage” section next select on the “Cached data” option, now you will see a confirmation window. Simply select othe button “Ok” and you are ready good to go.

4. How To Clear Data Usage History

Thankfully Android keeps on tracking all of your mobile data usage to let you know how much data you have used so far. But, there is no button to clear this bulk data in case you want to reset the data and start over again. If you are looking forward to reset the data usage on your Android phone. It’s not possible for non-rooted user.

5. Bootloop on Android Smartphone

I think this one is the most serious problem that should be solved as soon as possible. Your device got stuck in the starting screen(at boot time) or restart again and again. This mostly happens, if you configuring with your devices a lot, flash different ROM many times, etc. But sometimes it’s the manufacturer fault.

To fix this issue, you have to simply boot into your phone’s recovery and Wipe Cache partition including the Dalvik cache too. The steps are different for each android device.

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