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Best Torrent Sites 2017 List [ Unblocked March Edition ]

Best Torrent Sites 2017 – Here is the list of Top Torrent sites. Download Free content with unlimited download speed from these sites. Most of the people download files and data from torrent sites these days . This is because torrent is one of the best place for free download movies, videos, games, software etc. To start downloading from torrent sites , you need a torrent client . Utorrent and Bittorrent are most popular download clients .

The use of torrent sites is increasing day by day . To filter out non-useful or scam torrent sites , i have created this post . This post features only free and trusted torrent sites . Here is the list of best torrent sites 2017 edition. You may need a VPN to browse torrent site, here is a list of Best VPN Apps For Android and a list of best proxy sites to browse anonymously.

Best Torrent Sites 2017
Best Torrent Sites 2017

What Is Torrent ?

Torrent : – A torrent file is nothing but a small file associated with specific content related to downloading file. But the downloading speed of torrent totally depends on seeders, Leecher and peers. Sometimes you need a proxy site to access these blocked torrents , so here are some best proxy sites of 2017

  • Peers : Downloading the file and sharing are known as Peers.
  • Leechers : Leechers are those who download the file.
  • Seeders : Seeders are those who uploaded the file.

NOTE : This article is for educational purpose. However we do not promote piracy.

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 2017 List

1.  Torrentz2

Torrentz is not a torrent actually . It is search engine . Torrentz indexes torrent files from different sites and has more than 25,000,000 files in their database . It is one of the oldest torrent in the present era . Website ranks number one to all the keywords related to torrents. That’s why it is #1 in among best torrent sites 2017 edition list.

Visit Torrent : TORRENTZ2
ALEXA RANK: 203 ( Check Now )

2. The Pirate Bay

2003 was the founding year of The Pirate Bay . Due to some legal issues this torrent site has been banned several number of times . Therefore it has to change its domain name continously . This site is the king of torrents but due to legal troubles , domain hopes and ISP blockades it goes down. But being one of the best torrent sites 2017 , still it receives billions of pageviews every month .This site provides torrent as well as magnet link which means you can download the file via peer to peer network. But sad news is that is has been taken down by Sweden police.

Visit Torrent : THE PIRATE BAY
ALEXA RANK: 104 ( Check Now )

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3. Kickass Torrent

Kickass is the most popular torrent these days . It was launched in 2009 . Now it’s become one of the most popular torrent sites . It offers facility to download files from various categories like movies, music, software, anime and others.It has excellent library of torrent files .

ALEXA RANK: 174 ( Check Now )

4. Extratorrent

Extratorrent is as popular as Kickass and Torrentz with millions of visitors per day . The main feature of this being best torrent sites is that they offer a Easy search feature for torrent through their categories .But right holders recently called out Extra Torrent is as one of the top 10 Best torrent sites 2017. I too very often use this torrent site for downloading latest hollywood and bollywood movies.

Visit Torrent : EXTRATORRENT
ALEXA RANK: 358 ( Check Now)

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5. Isohunt

Isohunt is one of the most surfed torrent by those who download heavy files . Heavy files correspond to Iso’s, Software Setup , Games etc. After being shut down on 17th October of 2013 by MPAA Isohunt has been resurrected and now the site has millions of page views a day.

Visit Torrent : ISOHUNT
ALEXA RANK: 1995 ( Check Now)

6. Bitsnoop

Bitsnoop is basically and extension of Bittorrent. It is one of the largest BitTorrent indexes, claiming to index a massive 24,437,061 torrent files at the time of writing.

Visit Torrent : BITSNOOP
ALEXA RANK: 2709 ( Check Now)

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7. YIFY-Torrents

Almost three years ago from now , nobody would have ever heard of YIFY. But today the movie release group is one of the most recognizable movie piracy brands on the Internet. I must say YIFY Torrent is the best torrent sites for downloading movies. That’s why it is placed among best torrent sites 2016 edition.

Visit Torrent : YIFY-TORRENTS
ALEXA RANK: 12031 ( Check Now)

8. Torrentbox

TorrentBox is a rather new. Both over the Internet and in the List . But it is very powerful torrent site that provides a simple download of verified torrents. The site offers easy navigation through various categories . About 3 million torrents have been already indexed.

Visit Torrent : TORRENTBOX
ALEXA RANK: 144K ( Check Now)

9. 1337X

1337X is another best and most popular torrent site. It indexed in large database from many torrent sites like torrentz, torrentdb etc.

Visit Torrent : 1337X
ALEXA RANK: 289K ( Check Now)

10. TorrentDB

TorrentDB is the ultimate database filled with lots of torrent files from over the whole network. They have special facility that indexes the network for newest files daily and add them into the catalog. TORRENTDB offers fast torrent search and browsing in categories. It provides torrent content, quality, rating, seeders and leechers of every file.

Visit Torrent : TORRENTDB
ALEXA RANK: 301K ( Check Now)

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These were the some of the best torrent sites 2017 edition . Give a try downloading files from torrents mentioned in this list and you will never ever feel helpless. Download free music, movies ,windows, softwares. I hope this helped you a lot. Feel free to share it with your friends. If you have any query , or have any another top torrent sites then just comment it below !

4 thoughts on “Best Torrent Sites 2017 List [ Unblocked March Edition ]

  1. this is a bullshit list.. Kickass is gone, piratebay is only a mirror, extratorrent also amongst a few were permanently put out of action by co-operative actions of the movie/music giants and several countries complying. All Kickass mirrors are fake sites being used to jack personal info and credit card numbers, Pirate Bay is just a mirror someone else put up to keep the name alive but DOESNT have the database the Pirate Bay had because it was taken down same as kickass.. 🙁 I think the era of torrent and “pirating” is done for sadly. We will have to dig deep and shell out every last penny to the extortionist big media and music companies now for entertainment. Monopolizing everything entertainment with a tag is their goal and it seems to be working …

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