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How to create whatsapp group invite link [ Full guide ][ WA Prime App ]

How to create whatsapp group invite link – Now create own whatsapp group joining invite link via WA Prime app apk . There have been too many whatsapp tricks over the internet but i guarentee you , this one is the latest. This trick will let you create whatsapp group invite link . I have tested this method personally too. It is working absolutely fine .

Whatsapp has been on of the best mobile messaging service for so many years. After introducing video calling trick, it has strenthen its roots in the market firmly. None of those crap messengers are ever going to replace whatsapp. I have written many articles on whatsapp tricks , whatsapp tips and whatsapp hacks . Go through them if you want to learn some of them . If you think you already know all of them , don’t waste your time then. They have gone slighlty older, but this whatsapp group invite link trick is best and new in the market .

How to create whatsapp group invite link

whatsapp group invite link

Since so many years there has been a problem with whatsapp. You can add too many people to a whatsapp group . That’s not at all a problem. But the problem is , you have to save the number first to your phonebook , then you can add them to whatsapp group. And only admin can add whatsapp group members. Here i have created a Full Guide about How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link easily .

Requirement before creating whatsapp group invite link

The person you are going to invite must have signed up for whatsapp . He/She must have a active whatsapp account . They should have a mobile number verified whatsapp account .If they are not on whatsapp , first of all ask them to sign up on whatsapp . Invite them with original whatsapp .

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Advantages of whatsapp group link trick

Anyone can join the group , from either of the countries around th world , by clicking your whatsapp group invitation link .
You dont have to add any number to your phonebook ever.

Disadvantage of trick

No permission is required from admin to join whatsapp group.That means if your whatsapp group link is share over whatsapp , anyone can acccess your group. He / she may can also perform illegal activity and leave the group. You can’t prevent him from joining the group back ,even if you
are admin too .

So now beggining with the whatsapp group link trick , here is how to create whatsapp group link for your whatsapp group. Hope this trick works for you in the most advantageous way.

Solution for disadvantage :

When you think that your group is being spammed , then you need to apply this solution . You can change whatsapp group invite link time to time , so that older one may expire after some time. So people doing fake activities won’t be able to join your whatsappgroup anymore.

  1. How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link
  2. First of all Uninstall Whatsapp from your Android device
    Now Download Whatsapp Prime ( WA PRIME App ) Apk
  3. || Download WA Prime ||
  4. After Downloading, open WA Prime App , install it and open your Whatsapp Account .
  5. If you have already created the group , select the group for which you want to Generate Whatsapp Group Invitation Link. Else make a whatsapp group first and then carry out the proccess.whatsapp group link
  6. Note : You should be admin of that group which you want to make invitation link .
  7. Once you open the group, then click on Group Info option then click on + (Add Member) options .
  8. Now you will see “Invite to Group via Link” option , just click on it .
  9. Once you click it, then a link will be shown to you just copy it by clicking copy option.
  10. Whatsapp Group Invite Link looks like below –


That’s it. Here is your whatsapp group invite link . Share it secretly to avoid being you group spammed. You have successfully created Whatsapp Group Invitation Link.

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Now share it with your friends to join your whatsapp group. Please note do not share the link too openly . If anyone will get your whatsapp group invite link ,then he/she can join your group without your permission.

That was all from whatsapp group invite link post . Keep following us for more tricks over whatsapp . Hope you liked this post .Don’t hesitate to post your comments below . We love you all . Keep sharing the post and spread the knowledge .

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