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How to Create Perfect password 2017 Guide

How to Create Perfect password 2017 guide – Our perfect password is the first and last wall of protection to any of our online profiles. A hacker who hacks a profile online does nothing else but to recover or crack the password.

How to Create Perfect password 2017

How to Create Perfect password 2017

Before I proceed with how to easily and safely Create Perfect password , first let us know how a hacker cracks your password. We at techlad talked to a professional white hat hacker to know the tricks of the trade. According to him, there are 3 common ways to crack your password.

The first is sheer guessing, this is just by guessing the passwords and using hit and try to unlock the profile. Many people tend to keep the password with the personal data that they have already uploaded, which can be a combination of the first name. The company name of date of birth. Therefore there are not many combinations of words because the original set of words are less. So it is always recommended to NOT to keep your personal data as your password.

The second method of cracking the password is what is called The Dictionary Attack. This is automated and done by a software. The software analyses the password and finds out the number of digits in the password and the size of each specific word, then starts an algorithm that selects words from its dictionary and starts putting them in that same order, considering the size of each word. This is the most ineffective method because the chances of getting ‘caught’ are the maximum. Most hackers try not to use this method.

The third and the most used and most effective method is Brute Force. Here the software finds out the size of the password and whether it’s a numeric password or an alphabetical password or a mixture of both. For example, the password is a numeric one with the length of 5 digits, then the software will load, 00000 and start a sequence of,

00006… And so on till 99999.

So by this method, any 5 digits numeric combination can be created and applied.

So what type of password is the best?

Well honestly speaking, no type of password can be called the ‘Best’ because there are computers so fast that they can use a hyper-sized brute force to, but worry not because such systems are owned only by big hacking brotherhoods. But still, what type of password, if not best then, is better?

Let’s think of some numbers,

A numeric password has a digit set of


And a 9 digit password using such digits can be arranged in 3486784401 ways.

An alphabetical password has a digit set of,


And a 9 digit password using such digits can be arranged in 58149737003040059690390169 ways.

So as you can see, using an alphabetical password is better than a numeric password as it has a lot more combinations available that the hacker will have to use in order to get your password.

But wait there’s more if you use a mix of alphabets and numbers in that same 9 digit password, is comes to a staggering 202755595904452569706561330872954856 different types of combinations. So an alpha-numeric password is better that just alphabetical or numerical password.

But we won’t keep jumbled alphabets and numbers in our passwords, so these numbers get down. Don’t forget the sheer guesses, you won’t want to use your name or other known details as your password.

So what should be remebered while we create perfect password ?

Well, the best thing that can be done is to make a perfect password that has words, not jumbles so that we can remember it. And those words should be known to us but do not contain public data.

So a password, “i love you” is better than “Peter Anderson”.


A combination of personal data and non-personal but rememberable data is best suggested as it will help you remember your password.

For example, if you are, Adrian Lambert and your date of birth is 2/5/1991 and your girlfriend’s name is Sarah, then 2Sarah5Adrian1991 is a good password.

Special Characters

Many sites suggest adding these characters to your passwords, it drastically increases the number of combinations that the hacker might need to try. But most of our passwords end up like,

“tony.12$”, “gtfr1174:halt” or “1986.august_winters”.

Such passwords are not that easy to remember and hence not much reliable.

“I love India” or “21 December 2016” are possible and are easy to remember and recall because of the simplicity.


Imagine I have an email id and I also have a personal email id

Considering my personal email id is not known to much people, then I can use Rishabh.07860 as the password for my personal email id and rishabh07860 as the password for my public email id.

There are some of the tips you need to know to Create Perfect password that is both secure and reliable and easy to remember. Stay strong, stay safe and enjoy the internet without risk.

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