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How to Create Themes for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a drag and drop form builder solution for WordPress. It is fairly popular due to its features which makes it easy to create advance forms . Once you install and activate it then it adds a Forms menu in WordPress admin sidebar. This menu contains all the settings which can be used to create, import, export forms as well as to manage entries. Gravity Forms makes it a breeze to create forms but its gets difficult to change its design because there are no inbuilt form designing settings . It automatically inherits the design from the active WordPress theme and if you want to change any aspect of its design then you need to hire a programmer who is proficient in CSS.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can easily create themes with a free plugin and without any coding skills. Follow the below mentioned steps and by the end of this tutorial you will able to make your form look as you want it to be.

  • Install and active Gravity Forms theme plugin form official WordPress repository. You can also download it by going to Plugins -> Add New and then searching for ‘Gravity Forms themes’.
  • Now open the page in which you have added the form and then click on the customize button from admin bar. Admin bar is only visible if you are logged into WordPress account with administrator privileges.

  • Once the customizer sidebar opens then you will see a new panel named Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms towards the bottom. This section encapsulates all the option which can be used to change the theme of form.

  • On clicking the Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms you will see the option to select the form. This section will contain list of all the forms you have created. Select the one which you want to design.

  • The page will automatically refresh after you select the form. After page refresh you will be able to see all the settings arranged in different categories to design each and every aspect of the form. Since this plugin is based on WordPress customizer API you will be able to see preview of all the changes you make instantly. You can easily change form background, font type, margin, padding etc .

  • After you finalize your form theme design then you can click on the Save and Publish button present at top. This will save the theme into WordPress database and it will automatically load in the front-end whenever the form page is opened.

This plugin is made using WordPress customizer and Gravity Forms hooks/filters which makes it compatible with all future updates. This will not only save you from form theme development cost but it also gives you the freedom to changes the theme design whenever you want without asking anyone for help.

Try the plugin and share you thoughts in the comments section below. If you need any help regarding the plugin or want new features to be added then you can post it in the WordPress support form.


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