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Duplicate Files Fixer Review : The simplest way to get rid of duplicate files

DFF logoDuplicate Files Fixer Review : When you start using a new phone at a certain point of time you realize that phone memory is not sufficient and you need to buy a memory card. With new memory card for some time you feel that you have enough memory but with the passing time one day you see a warning message to free up the memory. It is very normal because we store lots of memories and other things on our phone but buying a physical memory is not always a good solution the better option is to look into your device and to check what exactly is taking space.

Do you know the time files get duplicated on your device for example, you friend sent you an image and another friend send you the same image with another name. The copies of same files keep multiplying. Duplicate files fixer from Systweak software is a one stop solution for finding duplicates and to remove them. It allows you to enjoy more free space on your existing device.

Duplicate Files Fixer App
Duplicate Files Fixer App

Duplicate Files Fixer : The Best One out There

Let us understand how it works.

1. Home screen

When you will open the app for the first time you will see a screen like this

From here you can choose a category in which you want to look for duplicates or you can go for a full scan. After selecting your preferences, you can tap on scan now and will see a screen like this.3

2. Scan results and Marking for next action

After the completion of scan duplicates will be in front of you the app is powered enough to identify on the basis of content so you may see some duplicate files with different names.4

The Application gives you four options to mark duplicate files.

  • Mark all except first: In this case the first file will be unmarked and all the other duplicates will be marked this can be used in case app has found more than one duplicates.
  • Mark all except last: The last file will be unmarked if you will choose this.
  • Unmark shortest file location: In this scenario duplicate files which are deep into the folder will be marked.
  • Unmark all: This will simply unmark all the files.

3. Delete now or Backup now

After Marking up duplicates in the previous step you can choose an action from Deleting files and Backing up files. If you will select Backup Now, then you will be redirected to download Right Backup app which allows you to back up your data safely on cloud storage.

4. Settings

You can access settings by taping three horizontal lines on the top left. In settings, you will find following options.5

  • Ignore list: Here you can add those files and folder which you do not want this app to scan for duplicates.
  • Scan filters: Here you can choose on what basis you want the app to choose duplicates such as on the basis of name or content.
  • Language: Here you can choose from most popular global languages.
  • Themes: Duplicate files fixer has two themes to choose from Classic and Material.

So stop spending money on buying extra memory for your phone get this Duplicate Files Fixer app for free from here. This Duplicate Files Fixer is also available for Windows and Mac users.

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