Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017 – Install two Whatsapp on same Android Phone

Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017 – How to install use two whatsapp on same android phone. Download dual whatsapp app for android iphone. GBwhatsapp, parallel space, OGwhatsapp used for dual whatsapp. Hello dear visitor , we Techlad are going to present you some tutorials on how to run dual whatsapp apk on android phone . Well, I have found in a survey that most of the people are now searching for how to install dual whatsapp apk on single phone or how to run two whatsapp account on one android phone . For now we will discuss Two working ways on how to access or how to run two whatsapp account in a dual sim android phone .

Since , It has been a myth for people using dual sim android phone from long time to run dual whatsapp apk on android phone , therefore we are going to disclose the trick today . So, if you too want to run dual whatsapp on dual sim phone, then we have a working trick for you . Today , we are sharing whatsapp dual sim trick .

How to run dual whatsapp app on android phone is one of the most searched term these days. Everyone is looking for how to use two whatsapp in one android Phone . You must not be knowing but i would like to inform you that , eventually you can have maximum 12 whatsapp installed on your android phone at the same time and you can access each of them without any hassle . We are looking forward to write an article on it too , so keep visiting Techlad for daily tricks . Don’t worry as we will list methods of two whatsapp accounts on one phone in android . This is a million dollar whatsapp trick as now a days , whatsapp is the only messenger that has firmly established its market among customers .

Dual Whatsapp Apk
Dual Whatsapp Apk

Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017

1. Why Dual Whatsapp ?

So , dear visitors , no need to worry we will be covering the whole aspects and will explain you how to use Whatsmapp , 2 Lines for Whatsapp , GBwhatsapp for the purpose of dual whatsapp . Much of our vistors have been sending request to us by mail on how to use dual whatsapp apk , and asking how to use two whatsapp in android phone or how to setup dual whatsapp apk etc . So guys, We will be covering in depth details of Whatsmapp and 2 lines for whatsapp for purpose of two whatsapp accounts . So moving forward , below we have listed methods for two whatsapp on same phone Without root.

In this article , we will be covering many methods to setup multiple whatsapp account in a single android phone for free . All the methods which are listed below were at first personally tested by Testing team of Techlad . I assure you none of the methods listed below are non-working or fake . I hope these apps for dual whatsapp account will work for you also . Basically, in this article we are discussing working 3 methods to run two whatsapp in one android phone .

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This post is basically for those People who often have questions in mind like :

  • Use 2 whatsapp in dual sim phone?
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If you are one of them , your search ends here !! This post is especially for you . Below listed methods are damm working and too easy for a 10 year old kid !!

2. 4 Tricks to do so

As we have discussed above we are going to share Trick to run two whatsapp account on one Android Phone . Its just that you need a proper internet connection before moving onto next steps , so that you can follow the procedure stated .

We have listed the main headings of the methods we are going to use in the procedure below ::

  • Dual Whatsapp using GBWhatsapp app .
  • 2 Lines for Whatsapp Method.
  • Whatsmapp Method for Multiple Whatsapp

3. GBWhatsapp app

GB whatsapp
This is the best and most impressive way uptil now to run 2 whatsapp account in one device . This method to run two whatsapp account in one phone is simplest of all the methods .This app has as far been able to replace the OGWhatsapp app from the hands of Dual whatsapp apk. This is the new application know as GB Whatsapp which is best alternative to OG whatsapp . So if you are looking for working OGwhatsapp version then GBWhatsapp is the best app to replace the prior . And all above this , the most better advantage of GBWhatsapp is that it also works with NON-ROOTED device . We are sharing direct download link of GBWhatsapp Below .

Till the download is getting completed you may like to read ::

Features of GBWhatsapp :

  • GBWhatsapp is best working OGWhatsapp alternative.
  • App needs Non-rooted android phone . ( Works both with rooted and non rooted device ) .
  • It lets you Use two different whatsapp numbers at same time .
  • GBWhatsapp Provides you Full Customisation , like theme changing .

How to use GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp is basically one of those another Whatsapp client or third party Whatsapp app, for Android for dual whatsapp account which you can install in your dual sim android phone parallely with the original one . Installing GBWhatsapp is very easy . Just follow below steps to setup two whatsapp accounts with GBWhatsapp .

  1. First of all, Download GBWhatsapp from below button if you have not downloaded yet . If you have aleady downloaded the app , its okey .
  3. I hope you have installed GBWhatsapp in your android phone uptil now by tapping on the button above and then by clicking on Install .
  4. Open GBWhatsapp application after it gets installed and Sign Up with second number on it which you want to use for dual Whatsapp accounts .
  5. Verify the number either through OTP method or direct calling method and start Using dual whatsapp apk in your dual sim android phone now .

So, this was the first method to run 2 whatsapp in dual sim android phone with help of latest GBWhatsapp apk. I am sure that this method would have worked for you like charm . If it has worked then too have a look over other methods also because a little more knowledge won’t affect your brain .

4. 2 lines For Whatsapp

2 Line For Whatsapp
This is the second method to use dual Whatsapp apk on andoid phone . In this method, We will use android app “ 2 lines for Whatsapp “ for purpose of dual whatsapp account in android phone. Now Let us discuss pre- requirements to run 2 lines whatsapp in android phone . In you follow this method, you can easily run multiple whatsapp in single android phone . This is not as easy as GBWhatsapp method just because it needs a rooted device to work but it is also a lot easier . With the help of a popular application which is known as 2 Lines for Whatsapp , you can run 2 whatsapp account . So, if you are looking for 2 whatsapp account , then it is best application for you .

Requirements :

Before running 2 lines for Whatsapp in android phone, you need to root your android phone, You must check if your phone is rooted or not . If your Phone is rooted well and good . Else you will have to root your device .
Google how to root your device with phone’s model number .
For 2 lines for Whatsapp to run fluently , Android version of your android phone must be 2.3.6+.
For 2 lines for Whatsapp to run smoothly , phone must have at least 5 MB of free space .

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How to run 2 whatsapp account by 2 lines:

Below, we are going to throw some light over discussing how to use two whatsapp account in one android device with help of 2 lines for whatsapp . This method helping android users to run two whatsapp in one phone is very easy . Though, the only drawback behind this method is that your android phone mustroot access or we can say your phone must be rooted to use 2 lines for whatsapp app. This Dual Whatsapp apk not only provides two whatsapp account but you can install multiple whatsapp accounts upto 10 . There is one main disadvantages of this dual whatsapp method that you will not be able to get real time notification of your multiple whatsapp numbers . This drawback has been removed in GBWhatsapp .

How to install multiple whatsapp via 2 Lines for Whatsapp

  1. First of all, Download 2 Lines for Whatsapp from below .
  2. [appbox googleplay es.fastappstudio.accountmanage]
  3. I hope you have installed 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android phone until now by tapping on the button above and then by clicking on Install .
  4. Now simply Open 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android phone.
  5. Now, grant super su or Kingroot all the permissions to this app. ( 2 Lines for Whatsapp will ask for pop up, Just click on Grant ).
  6. Click on Add a new line for Whatsapp.
  7. Add your number there nad verify the number and Enjoy Dual Whatsapp account in android phone for free.

So, as you know it was Second method to setup dual whatsapp apk in android phone using 2 Lines for Whatsapp.I guess you must have got 2 Whatsapp installed on android phone, until now . I hope, you can easily run multiple whatsapp accounts now with this 2 Lines for Whatsapp method .

5. Whatsmapp

WhatsmappBelow, We are going to discuss third method to use 2 whatsapp accounts in android phone with the help of one of the popular app known as Whatsmapp . I guess you must have heard about this app already .Whatsmapp is basically OG Whatsapp latest version . It’s basic function is 2 whatsapp in 1 phone or you can say two whatsapp for one phone . But I do not recommend you using this method to run multiple whatsapp on your android phone as this one is not working for some devices as per the reports .

Features of Whatsmapp:

  • Whatsmapp offers Lollipop UI which is very smooth and responsive.
  • No Root required to run Whatsmapp app .
  • To use Whatsmapp there is no need of switching accounts again and again.
  • You can use two whatsapp account simultaneously without any issue after using Whatsmapp .

How to use Whatsmapp

So, now we are going to discuss second method to install dual whatsapp account in one android phone with the help of Whatsmapp .

  1. At First , Download Whatsmapp from the link below . [sociallocker]DOWNLOAD APP[/sociallocker]
  2. I hope you have installed 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android phone until now by tapping on the button above and then by clicking on Install .
  3. After Installing simply Open Whatsmapp .
  4. Now, register with your second number which is unregistered and verify it by OTP or direct calling method .
  5. Now you can Enjoy dual Whatsapp account easily with Whatsmappand too for lifetime .

We have listed the most famous 3 methods to install dual whatsapp in a single dual sim android phone easily . However there are many more methods but they are basically the tweaks . We have listed all the new and latest methods to use dual whatsapp in one android phone which includes several methods . And one of them requires rooted android device whereas some method do not requires any special root permission . Using these methods, you can easily run multiple whatsapp account in one android phone .

Final Words ( Conclusion ):

Personally, I recommend you to use GBWhatsapp and Whatsmapp to install dual whatsapp account as both of this app do not requires any kind of root permission. Moreover, you will also get Whatsapp Plus features with GBwhatsapp app and the features are quite amazing. So, it’s totally safe to use these apps as well.

To sum up this post mainly deals with 2 Lines for Whatsapp , Dual Whatsapp , GBWhatsapp , Multiple Whatsapp , Whatsmapp , 2 whatsapp in one phone , Ogwhatsapp , app apk Latest version 2017 .

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So, do you know any other way of using dual whatsapp account ? We would like to listen about it in comments below. If you are facing any problem in this tutorial of how to run 2 whatsapp in one android phone, then feel free to comment below .

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