5 Free Best Voice Calling Apps For Android iPhone 2017

5 Free Best Voice Calling Apps For Android iPhone of 2017 – Hi, guys nice to see you all again. A few days ago I was making a call to my friend. So I went to a shop to do recharge and that 100rs. Just finished in minutes. Then my friend told me to call via the internet. I did some research and found that using internet call is cheapest and best. So today I would let you know about the top 5 best voice calling apps . I think many of them are families to you but you don’t know that you can also call them.

Free Best Voice Calling Apps For Android iPhone

Free Best Voice Calling Apps For Android iPhone 2017

1. Whatsapp


This is mostly familiar and best voice calling apps to all of you. You all do chat through it.It is also the best social networking platform. I put this in the first place because it uses low data while calling and gives good quality.The best thing about WhatsApp is that even if you are in 2g you can call anybody and talk hours to him. So I would recommend you guys to use Whatsapp. It’s great you will find. Those who are having older versions of WhatsApp can update it.

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp] [appbox appstore 310633997]

2. IMO


This is one of the best voice calling apps but it provides you voice calling and video calling facility.

Basically, if you are searching an app to talk hours in weak networks this is the best one but I did put it in second place as WhatsApp is pretty much popular than this.

The best thing I liked in this app is that it takes low memory in mobile and is just of 5 MB!!!

Interesting download it. Available on Google play

[appbox googleplay] [appbox appstore 336435697]

3. WePhone App

This is a great app. But many people don’t know about it so check it out. WePhone is among one of the free and best voice calling apps that is available on Google play Store. It’s offers Great voice quality on any Local, national & International numbers. You also free Text to anyone on any mobile numbers. It’s works in more than 200 Countries.

Some Special Features of this application are:-

  • Offers Voice Call Recorder to record your Conversation for free.
  • free Local, national & international calls which Support over more than 100 countries.
  • Provide Superior Voice Quality.
  • Also Great way to Texting Someone.
[appbox googleplay com.wephoneapp] [appbox appstore 447997168]

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4. Nanu app

Nanu App

This is again a great app. Well truely saying some of the best voice calling apps will not works on Poor 2G connection. But nanu is the complete Solution of this Problem. Nanu works in all kind of data Networks and it doesn’t matter if you are using WiFi, 4G, 3G or 2G. But it has been placed in the 4th position as it is only available in India.

[appbox googleplay] [appbox appstore 1129957280]

5. Whatscall

Before a few days I just got a request to do download the app and found it very good but I kept it in the last position of best voice calling apps list because it is a new app.

But still, I think you should go download it. Link for this is just below.

[appbox googleplay com.cmcm.whatscall] [appbox appstore 534524376]

These were some of the Best Voice Calling Apps 2017. Hope you may have enjoyed it. In case you have any other app in your mind, feel free to mention them in comments ! Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletters and our broadcast.

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