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Best 5 Skype Alternatives

Best 5 Skype Alternatives- If you are also fond of video calling, Chatting with you bestie living far away from you then this article is for you guys. As we here are going to provide the best 5 Skype alternatives that work better than skype. These services manage to work on low internet connection too that skype fails to perform. So do checkout Skype best alternative.

Best 5 Skype Alternatives

1. Google Hangouts

Google hangout is one of the best Skype alternatives out there in the market and the Google developer adds some extra layer of functionality, especially for those users who use Google and related services quite frequently. The Hangouts service will let you call other Hangout users free of cost and the free version supports a group call between maximum 10 people. As I said earlier since it’s paired with your Google account that easy reach out to people with whom you can enjoy some beautiful time.

Download Google Hangout

2. Viber

Although I have used Viber App the app works great. The web part of the 2nd popular messaging app after Whatsapp used to offer free VoIP calls between the Viber users but not with the other user that are out of Viber it also offers the ability to call mobile numbers/landline across multiple platforms area. I personally love the interface and yes it is somehow similar to Skype. Viber is available on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Download Viber

3. Tox

Tox is the most secure messaging apps I ever seen and the best part about this apps is that unlike other services it is completely free for lifetime and wait for it, no advertising at all. Today there are number of meteoric rise in cyber attacks including snooping, ransomware, malware and digital surveillance it is better to be careful and safe.Many Privacy advocates have been advocating against about the bunch of video calling platforms which according to them have been the perfect destination for the Governments to snoop on users.

Tox is available across multiple platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and FreeBSD.

Download Tox

4. Jitsi

Jitsi is also one the best Skype Alternative you may not have heard of but the service but it’s pretty powerful in itself and offers the housefull of features. This Jitsi is in-built around VoIP and is optimized for better audio calls and video quality chats. The list of features doesn’t just end there as Jitsi can also record the calls stream and share the desktops over the internet and instant messages.

The Jitsi is available on multiple platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Jitsi

5. Rebtel

Rebtel is one of the un-popular well-known Skype alternatives out of the lot and I was pretty much impressed with as it despite just testing it out. This Rebtel allows users to make free calls to other contacts who are also using this app (basic feature) and as a medium to spread the word about the service Rebtel is also giving up free credits for inviting your friends.

The Rebtel is available multiple platforms for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Download Rebtel

Wrapping it Up

These were some best alternatives for skype that will really change style toward video calling. As these, all programs have a special feature you can video call on low internet connection too. Use them all one by one and comments below which you find to be best.

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